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Welcome to The Greenhouse

Designed to stand out and fit in, The Greenhouse is a special apartment project by Ockham Residential. The Greenhouse story is one of craft, texture and materiality. Carefully designed to enhance the local streetscape and skyline, The Greenhouse offers residents an opportunity for exceptional liveability in Auckland’s most exciting neighbourhood.

Unique design character

The materiality of The Greenhouse has been inspired by the natural environment of Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau – the brilliant green forests, black sand beaches, timber and basalt, and the ever-changing colours of  sea and sky.

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About Ockham

About Ockham

We’re Ockham Residential and we love Auckland. We’re urban regenerators who aim to lead by example and produce outstanding residential buildings for the city.


In a busy urban environment, your home should be the opposite – calm and serene, a place to retreat from the pace of the outside world, or to watch it pass by from a private, sunny and sheltered balcony. Human-centred design means designing for real life, so The Greenhouse apartments have excellent acoustic and visual privacy, large windows and doors and high ceilings. They are warm and light-filled, with rich, tactile and durable surfaces. Special care has been lavished on the lobby, hallways and residents’ lounge and terrace, so everyone can enjoy the building’s common areas.

Top-tier technology

Top tier

All the digital connectivity and smart wiring you need for modern city life.

New urban fabric

New urban

Start each day the right way, with wares from our hand-picked ground-floor vendors. 

Inspired by nature

Inspired by

A material palette influenced by the colours and forms of the natural landscape.

Floor plans

# Bedrooms Apartment GFA* Balcony GFA* Car Parks Price View Plan
401 Studio 41 $730,000 View
402 2 70 5 1 $1,575,000 View
403 1 + study 61 5 1 $1,370,000 View
404 1 + study 61 5 1 $1,370,000 View
405 2 70 5 1 $1,650,000 View
406 Studio 41 $750,000 View
411 2 79 11 1 $1,535,000 View
412 2 77 11 1 $1,535,000 View
501 2 105 14 2 $2,475,000 View
502 1 + study 61 5 1 $1,460,000 View
503 1 61 5 1 $1,460,000 View
504 2 104 14 2 $2,550,000 View
505 Studio 46 7 Sold View
506 Studio 46 6 $845,000 View
507 Studio 46 6 $845,000 View
508 Studio 49 7 $845,000 View
509 2 79 11 1 $1,610,000 View
510 2 77 11 1 $1,610,000 View
601 2 + study 105 14 2 $2,550,000 View
602 1 + study 61 5 1 $1,560,000 View
603 1 + study 61 5 1 $1,560,000 View
604 2 + study 106 14 2 Sold View
605 2 94 11 1 $1,975,000 View
606 2 95 11 1 $1,975,000 View
607 2 79 11 1 $1,685,000 View
608 2 77 11 1 $1,685,000 View
701 2 + study 166 19 2 $4,450,000 View
702 3 171 19 2 $4,600,000 View
703 2 94 11 1 $2,075,000 View
704 2 95 11 1 $2,075,000 View
705 2 79 11 1 $1,775,000 View
706 2 77 11 1 $1,775,000 View


Floor areas stated are Gross Floor Area. Gross Floor Area is measured from the outside face of the exterior walls and to the centreline of an inter-tenancy or comon area interior wall


Our material palette references nature and seeks to bring it inside. We think design that connects us with nature, literally and figuratively, can have health benefits. The Greenhouse’s specially commissioned green-glazed bricks are a one of a kind (or 180,000 of a kind!). Inside, elemental materials – timber, stone and metals like bronze and brass – have been chosen for their beauty and tactility.

Biophilic design
Biophilic design

Biophilic design

Enhancing connections between people and nature with light-filled, well-ventilated rooms, and warm, nature-inspired material, textiles and colour palettes.

Raw sophistication
Raw sophistication

Raw sophistication

Carefully selected raw materials crafted into sophisticated and enduring interior products: bricks from clay, custom blown-glass, fine wood detailing, and metal hardware and joinery.

Celebrating craft
Celebrating craft

Celebrating craft

Building for the long-term means using high quality materials that future generations will also enjoy. We celebrate craft and material contrast by commissioning special furniture, lighting and hardware products for the building.


Located on the corner of Pollen Street and Williamson Avenue, it has one foot in Ponsonby and one in Grey Lynn – two lively Auckland suburbs with colourful communities, some of the city’s best shops and restaurants, large parks and great transport links. Park the car – K’Road, Herne Bay, Freeman's Bay, Wynyard Quarter and the city centre are an easy walk away. On an  e-bike or scooter you'll be there before you know it. The Greenhouse is close to everything.

Cafes and restaurants

Cafes and restaurants

If you like to eat and drink – and hey! who doesn’t? – you can’t beat Ponsonby Road. So many options, so many styles, so many price points. Take your pick from top-flight restaurants like Saan or Blue Breeze Inn, or the neighbourhood institution, SPQR. Ponsonby Food Hall has your cheap eats covered, while at Ponsonby Central you'll find a smorgasbord of eating options.

Galleries and retail

Galleries and retail

Ponsonby Road is a mall in the best sense of the word, a long avenue best suited for leisurely strolling. (As it happens to be lined with exceptional shops, selling everything from homewares and furniture to flowers and fashion, it’s pretty much a mall in the other sense of the word, too.) If your idea of Saturday sport is trawling cafes and boutiques, then you’ll be right at home here. Want fresh food fast? The supermarket is literally across the road.

Great news! Daily Bread to pop-up on site

Great news! Daily Bread to pop-up on site

We’re very pleased to announce that before The Greenhouse construction begins, we’re collaborating with artisan bakers Daily Bread on a pop-up cafe and bakery on-site in the old Glengarry building! Pop in and experience some of the best bread in the country (the kind of bread, in fact, you only can make when, like baker Patrick Welzenbach, you've got 22 generations of baking in the blood). Whether you’re interested in buying an apartment (we’ll have building models and materials in-store, just in case) or just like tasty food and Supreme coffee, you’ll be more than welcome here.

Contact Us

The Ockham sales suite is located at 54 Surrey Cres, Grey Lynn. We are open daily from 12 to 2pm.  Please drop in to see us or you can contact us to make an appointment at your convenience.


Joss Lewis on 021 245 5155 or email:

Nick Reid on 021 721 915 or email: