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Just a block off Ponsonby Rd – two from K' Rd – lies The Greenhouse. Named after the 150,000 iridescent, green-glazed bricks that adorn its walls, inspired by Tāmaki Makaurau's landscapes, this beautiful building is a once-in-a-lifetime project for Ockham Residential. “It’s a privilege to bring this new community to Auckland’s most irresistible neighborhood,” says Ockham's Mark Todd. “We seek kindred spirits – aesthetes, urbanists, bon vivants, and visionaries – to be the foundational residents of Auckland’s most beloved apartment building.”

Construction of the Greenhouse is nearing completion, with just a handful of prime apartments left.

Inspired by Tāmaki Makaurau

The Greenhouse's bricks, a painter's palette of a thousand moods. Under morning sun, they're are a radiant emerald-green, like a lazy summer stroll to Karekare Falls. But as the day unfolds these bricks morph into a symphony of silver, then deepening forest-green, then dark olive, then almost to black – akin to the colour of a midwinter slog through Great Barrier bush. There are glimmers of Whatipū greys, fleeting moments of Waiheke navy and indigo...

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The story behind the brick

The story behind the brick

The road to unearth The Greenhouse’s signature brick took us from Huntly to Italy… and to S.Anselmo. In this artisanal enclave just outside Venice, we encountered the master brickmakers who seemed to possess an ancient knowledge passed down through generations. Ah, the iridescent glaze, a true alchemist's secret. Even so, it would take them four years to refine it – four long years spent in a dance with time itself. But it was worth it: there is meaning and enduring beauty in every brick.

The Greenhouse: Ultimate Ockham

The Greenhouse: Ultimate Ockham

“I’ve spent 25 years in construction, reimagining urban communities, learning what’s possible when one acts with aspiration. With The Greenhouse, every detail, every finish – every brick – has been thought, and sometimes fought over, until we got to exactly where we needed to be.” Mark Todd on why The Greenhouse is the very best Ockham can imagine.

The Inner Beauty of The Greenhouse

The Inner Beauty of The Greenhouse

Ockham’s Lead Architect Tania Wong has spent 10,000 hours poring over every detail of The Greenhouse. “Our material palette is deeply inspired by nature – by what we’ve dubbed the ‘Aotearoa aesthetic’,” she says. “We wanted to bring the outside in. So we’ve got dark slate on the floors, the walls, the kitchen island benches; we have brass finishes in the bathrooms and kitchens. The oak flooring is beautiful, the walnut cabinetry warming…”

Plans & Pricing

# Bedrooms Apartment GFA* Balcony GFA* Car Parks Price View Plan
102 2 70 5 1 $1,625,000 View
103 1 + flexi 61 5 1 $1,400,000 View
104 1 + flexi 61 5 1 Sold View
105 1 47 5 1 Sold View
109 Studio 46 6 $920,000 View
112 Studio 43 4 $850,000 View
202 2 70 5 1 Sold View
203 1 + flexi 61 5 1 $1,450,000 View
204 1 + flexi 61 5 1 $1,450,000 View
205 2 70 5 1 $1,825,000 View
208 Studio 46 6 $940,000 View
211 Studio 43 4 $860,000 View
302 2 70 5 1 $1,725,000 View
303 1 + flexi 61 5 Sold View
304 1 + flexi 61 5 1 Sold View
305 2 70 5 1 Sold View
308 Studio 46 6 Sold View
311 Studio 43 4 $870,000 View
402 2 70 5 1 Sold View
403 1 + flexi 61 5 1 Sold View
404 1 + flexi 61 5 1 $1,550,000 View
405 2 70 5 1 Sold View
408 Studio 46 6 Sold View
411 Studio 43 4 $880,000 View
501 3 167 19 2 Sold View
502 3 170 19 3 Sold View
503 Studio 46 6 Sold View
504 Studio 46 6 Sold View
507 Studio 43 4 $890,000 View
601 2 + study 104 14 2 Sold View
602 1 + flexi 61 5 1 $1,650,000 View
603 1 + flexi 61 5 1 Sold View
604 2 + study 106 14 2 Sold View
606 Studio 46 6 $1,020,000 View
609 Studio 43 4 $900,000 View
701 3 167 19 2 Sold View
702 3 170 19 2 Sold View
704 Studio 46 6 $1,050,000 View
707 Studio 43 4 Sold View

All units on this floor are sold


Floor areas stated are Gross Floor Area. Gross Floor Area is measured from the outside face of the exterior walls and to the centreline of an inter-tenancy or comon area interior wall

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It's the next best thing to moving in! Have a look through an apartment at The Greenhouse with this virtual tour.

Apartment 701


In a busy, bustling urban environment, your home ought to be the opposite – a space to reflect, rest, and revive; a place where the clamour and clatter of the outside world is kept at bay (or perhaps observed from your balcony). Optimised for light, privacy and easy urban living, The Greenhouse apartments combine contemporary calm with the large windows and high ceilings of times past. Extra attention has been lavished on the lobby, hallways and residents’ lounge so everyone can savour the building’s common areas.


Our material palette references nature and seeks to bring it inside. Stone benchtops in the kitchen convey a grounded, easy-going atmosphere for dining and hosting, with timbered elements on floors and cabinetry adding warmth and amity. Bathroom tiling and fittings are classic and elegant, the colours and textures drawing inspiration from Aotearoa landscapes.

Designed for living
Designed for living

Designed for living

Enhancing connections between people and nature with light-filled, well-ventilated rooms, and warm, nature-inspired material, textiles and colour palettes.

Celebrating craft
Celebrating craft

Celebrating craft

Building for the long-term means using high quality materials that future generations will also enjoy. We celebrate craft and material contrast by commissioning special furniture, lighting and hardware products for the building.

Elemental sophistication
Elemental sophistication

Elemental sophistication

Carefully selected raw materials crafted into sophisticated and enduring interior products: black slate, clay bricks, fine wood detailing, and metal hardware and joinery.


Behold Auckland's buzziest precinct! Dine around the world in a week at legendary establishments like Azabu... Eat Drink Laugh... Madame George...Thirty One.... Daphnes... Orphans Kitchen... Banziha... all epically reviewed, all absurdly delicious, all just a couple of minute’s stroll from The Greenhouse. Or, if you’re having a MasterChef moment, pop back to yours and cook, serve, have dinner on the deck, and observe Ponsonby passersby, a sacred ritual in these parts.

Cafes and restaurants

Cafes and restaurants

If you like to eat and drink – i.e. you like to live your best life – you can’t beat Ponsonby Road. Take your pick from top-flight restaurants like Saan or Blue Breeze Inn, or the neighbourhood institution, SPQR. Swing by Ponsonby Food Hall on a Tuesday to catch all the locals gossiping over cheap eats, or head to Ponsonby Central for faves like Bird on a Wire or Burger Burger. 

Galleries and retail

Galleries and retail

Ponsonby Road is a mall in the best sense of the word, a long avenue best suited for leisurely strolling. (As it happens to be lined with exceptional shops, selling everything from homewares and furniture to flowers and fashion, it’s pretty much a mall in the other sense of the word, too.) If your idea of Saturday sport is trawling cafes and boutiques, then you’ll be right at home here. Want fresh food fast? The supermarket is literally across the road.

Parks and recreation

Parks and recreation

Top of Williamson Ave, across Ponsonby Road, the parapets of three sunken buildings rise out of the ground. Sculptor John Radford’s stunning tribute to Auckland’s trashed architectural heritage makes for a grand entrance to Western Park, an 8ha oasis of the mightiest pūriri, tanekaha, rimu, pōhutukawa and Morton Bay fig trees in Auckland. Too much serenity? Then cross back to Williamson Ave, past The Greenhouse, and six blocks down to Grey Lynn Park. With a playground, flying fox, balancing log, the legendary Grey Lynn paddling pool for tots... and a pump track, basketball court, netball court, skateboarding ramp, tennis court and exercise equipment, The People’s Park is a true community gem. Whether you’re a stroller, a young thruster or old-stager chasing lost glories, the energy, fun and good vibes are contagious.

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